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About city

Lomonosovsky district is located in the west of the Leningrad region. It was formed in 1927. The area of the district is almost 2 thousand square kilometers.

The population is about 70 thousand people. The administrative center of the district - the city of Lomonosov - is geographically included in the Petrodvorets district of St. Petersburg.

From the north and west, the territory of the district is washed by the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea. In the north and northeast it borders with St. Petersburg.
The Lomonosovsky district includes 140 settlements.


Of these, there are 4 urban-type settlements - Bolsheizhorskoye urban settlement, Lebyazhenskoye urban settlement, Anninsky urban settlement and Villozskoye urban settlement, as well as 11 rural settlements - Gorbunkovskoye, Gostilitskoye, Kipenskoye, Koporskoye, Lagolovskoye, Lopukhinskoye, Nizinskoye, Orzhitsky, Penikovskoye, Ropshinsky, Russian-Vysotsky.

Today, the basis of the district's economy is agriculture, which is represented by poultry farming, meat and dairy farming, crop production and fish farming.